Creating Profitable Opportunities for You

Frick Energy Services brings high-quality, personalized service to helping customers maximize investments in oil and gas leases. You’ll work with Frick Energy Services President Phil Frick, who is a licensed real estate agent with decades of business experience and a business degree from the University of Kansas. Phil has worked with everyone from independent operators to billion-dollar hedge funds, and is committed to helping you find – and profit from – opportunities that are right for you.

Helping you add to your oil and gas portfolio

Are you looking to add to your oil and gas portfolio or enter the category? Frick Energy Services knows the players and the properties in the region and can assist you through all phases of the asset purchase. We know what to look for, the pitfalls to avoid and how much similar properties have sold for in the area. With Frick Energy Services as your Buyer’s Agent, you’ll have a trusted resource watching out for your best interests.

Helping you sell your oil and gas property

Are you looking to sell your oil or gas property? Using Frick Energy Services as your Seller’s Agent provides you with multiple benefits that maximize your return and minimize your hassle, including:

  • National marketing reach: We can help market your property to both local operators and investors nationwide. 
  • Professionalized and effective sales approach: To make the sales process as effective as possible, Frick Energy Services will assemble a professional package that may include maps, production history, legal and title information, and reserve data. This approach allows potential buyers to clearly understand the investment, and creates a straightforward due diligence process.
  • Saving you time and energy: Frick Energy Services will save you time by organizing data and making sure that you only spend time and energy with potential buyers who are seriously interested. 

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