Committed to Your Success

Choosing the right energy services firm can be crucial in helping you maximize value and minimize risk. Frick Energy Services offers you the following benefits:

A higher level of service

Frick Energy Services is professional, competent, communicative, and always closes loops with customers. We possess an in-depth understanding of the industry, and are committed to providing you with excellent service.

A broader perspective on oil and gas opportunities

Frick Energy Services is not your typical land services company. We can help you with everything up to drilling a well, and are experts at guiding you through complicated compliance processes. In addition to being a land services one-stop shop, Frick Energy Services is well versed in the oil and gas lease brokerage business. Simply put, we can help you profit from a variety of energy development opportunities.

More value for your money

Through its efficient approach to all offered services, Frick Energy Services is a worthwhile resource for customers who want to get complicated work done right the first time.

Phil Frick, an experienced oil and gas professional

Phil Frick founded Frick Energy Services to help oil and gas operators in Eastern Kansas and the U.S. Midwest identify and profit from energy development opportunities. Phil has years of on-the-ground experience helping to manage daily operations for oil extraction companies, and can serve as an expert strategic and operational resource for you.


He has more than two decades of business experience, and over a decade of experience working in the Eastern Kansas oil and gas industry. Phil is a licensed real estate agent, and holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Kansas.